Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dynamic Duo-isms

The things these boys say.  I know, I know, if you are reading this, you are probably sick of hearing about these things, but seriously, they are hilarious.  Frustrating at times, but still hilarious.  We’ve been MIA in blog world recently because the terrible twos are just tiresome on most days.  Naps and bedtime are just a tad more difficult, although, all in all, I cannot complain.  Sometimes I want to, but then they do something so sweet, or say the funniest thing and I have to remind myself that the testing phase will continue forever and it is not that bad…free will is a bitch, right?  Or is it karma…food for thought today!
DSCF9531 DSCF9527
Hammer time!
Monster trucking at the beach!

Mommy’s hatching – This is probably the funniest, and maybe the most embarrassing thing ever said about me.  Raleigh looks at my heel, mind you, I am in desperate need of a pedicure, and said, “mommy’s hatching.”  I first thought he said “scratching” but no, he said “hatching” as in an egg hatching.  Um, thanks, and ewww! 
Muff cakes anyone?  Never heard of a “muff cake?” Well, if you have, maybe you are thinking, does this belong in a blog post centered around kids?  To let you know, a muff cake is a cup cake.  I think it started out as a muffin and a cupcake, and now all cupcakes are “muff cakes” and muffins are just muffins.  I cannot correct them when they say it because again, I am wrong, and just have a good old laugh every time they say it!  Nothing like going to a kids birthday party and two little boys yelling with glee “MUFF CAKES!” 

Donald’s House – the boys call McDonald’s “Donald’s House.”  We have only been a few times, usually on special one-on-one occasions with the boys.  I just think it is funny that they call it Donald’s House.
No, not yet, five minutes, or one minute, two minute, etc.  They will ask for two more minutes of a toy, or one minute before we go, or two minutes before they have to switch toys with their brother.  They know two is more than one minute, and five is a big request, so they save it for the good stuff.  It has come in handy when we need them to take turns, we ask them to ask their brother or friend to switch or for a turn in two minutes.  It generally cuts down on their fights, whew!  It is hard to resist extra cuddles when they say, “no, not yet, Mommy, five minutes, cuddle me more mommy.” Awww!

Can we feed the ducks?  So we are at Busch Gardens with friends.  One of my friends is cool enough to have worked their pre-twinkies and still knows a lot of people at Busch.  One of our favorite areas is the new Walkabout area with Australian animals.  The boys are too young to feed the kangaroos and wallabies, but they can feed the ducks nearby.  Well, our good friend Miss K did not know the person at the food stand, so we did not get duck food this particular day…until Raleigh walked up and batted his eyes and said “feed ducks, please.”  Well, we all got cups for everyone and had fun feeding the ducks for free.  Thanks, Raleigh!  Here is the lady below, holding a little wallaby, named Stanley. 
 wallaby - working the counter
Starbucks, that’s mommy’s coffee place. They can spot a Starbucks about as quickly and well as they can spot a police car.  For this, I am thankful! Don’t worry, in the shots below, they are drinking harmless chocolate milk – not coffee!
 DSCF1052 DSCF0987
That’s a weed, and pull.  Augustus is mini-Matthew ALL THE WAY! I love his OCD, as I know it will make him a great man.  We were playing in the backyard, which is mostly paved, and he was mowing his mower – his fave – and saw a piece of grass sticking up through the pavers.  He immediately yelled “that’s a weed” and proceeded to pull it.  Such a good little-man!
 gus happy face
New shoes! New shoes!  The boys are obsessed with new shoes.  Although, now they are not so new, but newer.  The boys have been in size 7 for FOREVER! Seriously, almost a year now.  We finally broke down and got some new size 7s and you would think Gus won the lottery.  He immediately wakes up and wants his new shoes on.  We have about 4 pairs that he considers new shoes.  That is the easiest thing to make him happy without even trying!

They still bring their penis up at random times in conversation and this is quite amusing.  Although, I have to try not to laugh.  Raleigh has also taken to pulling his pants down outside for a fire hose pee every so often…we are trying to house train him again!  However, it does come in handy when we are no where near a restroom out and about…does that officially make me a Redneck?  For example, our multiple birth mom’s club was at a preserve walking the boardwalk with our littlies, and all of us just let our kids pee into the woods off the side of the boardwalk…much easier than running back to the restrooms a mile and a half away.  I was pretty impressed with the little girls who could do as well as the boys;)

 rals (5) 

Augustus, enjoying his spaghetti thoroughly.  this boys loves to eat and it shows whenever he does!
cute boys happy chappies
Making cheetah masks.  Notice the clothespin holding the sponges to get the boys less dirty.  Notice, I did not say, keep them clean, just less messy!  More about this in a crafty blog post coming soon.
DSCF0097 DSCF0066
Daddy makes the best pancakes.
DSCF0843 DSCF0842
Fun food cutouts.  We’ll try anything to help mealtime go well.  Love the cookie cutter sandwiches, here we have a cow and a chicken with flowers.  Also, we are getting on the bento bandwagon and trying to eat lots of food on sticks. Fun times.  If you have not seen this web site, check it out! AWESOME!
art work from weedon 
More craftiness
Another air port run.  Both boys were highly jealous of Nonnie’s princess hat!  They really, really, wanted it!  DSCF0999 DSCF1007
boys, lovely
pumpkins, about as good as it got sunflower love from the boys, too! (3) sunflower love from the boys, too! (4) sunflower love from the boys, too! (5) sunflowers - no that G&R (3) sunflowers, amazing apple cart pumpkins
Hope you enjoyed the Smilebox I made yesterday from Sweetfield Farms. 
Here is a look back at last year’s trip.
Oh, how they’ve grown!

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