Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Patch and First Time for Carving

Well, this year we finally did it.  We carved pumpkins.  I struggled with this because in Florida, well, pumpkin carving feels a little wrong.  Is it just me? It is still so darn hot, and setting out a pumpkin to basically rot just seems wrong.  Well, it is, but the boys love them, so why not!?!?!  We hit a little pumpkin patch down the street for just the right pumpkin and of course some more posing in front of hay bales and pumpkins.  Then we headed to dinner with our friends and neighbors.  Our fave Greek/belly dancing spot.  Yummy!
We had fun, stopped for more libations on our walk home, the boys tried to milk and feed the plaster cow outside the liquor store, and then we headed to start the carving fun.  Raleigh was all about helping scoop out the seeds, or “poop” them out as it sounds from his mouth…but I digress.  Gus was not really interested.  Our friend, Little C, not so much either, but it was funny to see him get scared as we lit the pumpkins.  His Daddy made a scary one!  And a Mickey one too that I am going to confess, blew our Daddy’s pumpkins away! 

boys at the patchboys, trying to get them to work with me;) (3)
Gus, he went for the different colored pumpkins, and Rals was all about the bumpy ones! I love that they like the “different” ones!
gus, picking his own style (2)rals picks his own - loved the bumpsfamily shot - matt & mini-me (aka Gus) looking sweet!
Of course, Gus had to shake his maracas for us!rals, a bit of a smilegus with maracas

Look closely, you’ll see the leaves stuck to the cow’s mouthcow with leaves in mouth, thanks boys!rals tries to milk it
boys do their own pumpkins (2)rals impressed with pumpkin gutspumpkins after (2)


  1. Beautiful pumpkins and gorgeous children! Stopping by for the first time from Multiples and More. I look forward to reading more posts!

  2. Wow! Thanks so much for visiting AND for leaving a comment! Brooke


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