Thursday, November 18, 2010

Photo Disaster

Well, we’ve been MIA in blogging mainly to do my BFF visiting with her eldest daughter and our travels around Orlando keeping us very busy, and then the sickies invaded the entire Hamilton household…even Nonnie managed to catch it.  Yuck!  The boys have been fine for about a week now, so we are hoping that first cold was the worst of it for Winter. 

Back to the disaster.  This week when I tried to put a cd together of my friend’s twinkies birthday party pictures, I noticed I could not get any pictures off of the server. Yes, it takes an entire server to store all my pictures. I thought nothing of it, went on with my busy week, but then I tried to do a little catching up last night and was still unable to get to the server.  Low and behold, after Matthew tried without success, he called HP and they said, well, the server is just a computer without a monitor, and it sounds like the hard drive crashed.  Huh?  What? Excuse me?  Of course we were devastated at the news, but Matthew has been able to take a few files off the server and put them on our computer, so I am hoping he can salvage most of them…although it is very time consuming and he was up past midnight last night trying to work on it.  Fingers crossed he or some other professional can work their magic to restore the files.  I will be looking into Mozy storage immediately, but if anyone else has any suggestions of where they store their data, I would love to hear it!!!
Disney was awesome. My BFF since I was two and I met up with another “old” friend who lived on our most awesome street as a kid.  We were able to bum our way into Epcot and the Magic Kingdom for free. I was so sad to hear that the boys, Matty and my mom could not meet us on the Sunday of the trip because of their awful coughs, but we still had fun.  It was ridiculously cold that weekend, so that was a little bit of a downer, especially with how ridiculously beautiful it  has been, but we managed to stay warm.  I know the boys would have loved, loved, all the princesses Annie got to see that day.  Here are a couple of cute pics…stolen from FB.  I am thankful I found time to upload a few pictures after our trip…really, really, really hoping I can get them all back from the server, sniff, sniff.
We’ve been at a lot of play dates this week to make up for lost time during our sickies.  My favorite one was the super hero play date.  My awesome friend Sara got an idea from another web site where you create a cape for the kids to decorate out of an old t-shirt.  I think the parents t’s worked great since they had a bit of length, but even an old, dirty, stained one of theirs that still fits around their noggins would work as well.  You just cut on one side of a seam if your shirt has one to help it not completely fray up, and then cut the sleeves off and around the neckline to maintain the cape, and voila, super hero cape extraordinaire!!! You can even use the sleeves to make a mask!
gus making his capesuper hero capes (2)suepr gussuper rals flyingsuper heros!super rals
Yesterday we spent the most beautiful weather day at Sea World.  It is crazy to me to be wearing a tank top, shorts and flip flops in the middle of November.  The boys were really good for the most part…no real disasters of running off, talking back, or throwing any tantrums – it seems they save those for days we stick close to home – so it was even more enjoyable for all of us.  The dolphin area of Sea World, not even the amazing Horizons show, just the feeding area and underwater viewing area, are just too amazing. Not to mention that their artic area now hosts a Polar Express experience; which is super cool since that is the boys favorite movie. It was the first one they watched, and couple that with trains, and the idea of Christmas, and they are sold.  They got to talk to Santa.  Both were eager to let him know they wanted a big digger and a fire truck.  However, when we went to stand next to the big version of the actual Polar Express train, the boys were timid and scared – something I was not sure they boys possessed.  I think the next time we visit, of course we’ll be going again and again, they will be more sure of it.  This was the last thing we did before departing, so they were over-tired by that point in the day.  Nonetheless, what an extraordinary experience for these boys.  They have seen the Shamu show more times that I had ever before, and they are not even three yet.  They love it and I cannot wait to see them grow to appreciate it more and more.  The pictures of the dolphins are cool, the top ones are of a dolphin before feeding time.  He/she was using a leaf to play catch right next to the viewing area.  So playful and adorable!!!
dolphin playing with a leaf, too cute!!!dolphin playing with a leaf, too cute!!! (3)
One of my favorite shots ever!dolphin watching (2)dolphinsrals nose to nose with dolphingus says ho, ho, homanatee statue in leaves
ice, ice babychistmas tree
Rals, super excited to touch the ice in the artic area where they visited Santa.
north pole with rals, touching the ice!north polenorth pole with ralspolar expresspolar express, what happened when I said I had chocolate (2)santa at the north pole via the polar express (2)santa, i want a digger and a firetruck (2)sea world christmassea world christmas (2)sea world christmas (3)
Raleigh whispers to Shamu Santa that he wants a digger…shamu claus...i want a fire truck
Rals entranced at the Shamu show
rals and those eyesshamu jumps
In other news, we are so happy that our friends Heath & Jane welcomed another healthy, beautiful girl in Sydney. Happy birth day Siena! Well wishes to two of my friends who are not feeling their best, Miss A and Miss N.  I hate to see you girls in pain – get well soon!!!

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