Sunday, November 21, 2010

Where We Are & What we’ve Been Doing

First, I have to say, my awesome, smart, great hubby fixed the picture disaster and now we have everything restored and now we are currently working on backing everything up!


The boys are continuing to amaze us every day.  It is not all roses, mind you, but in the bigger picture, they are truly amazing little boys.  How awesome is it that they have built in play mates and a brother to challenge them, play with, love on, and talk to whenever they want to?  They are really into being like Daddy right now.  Gus loves it when I put his Daddy’s hair fudge in his hair and every time, he looks in the mirror admiring himself and saying how much he looks just like Daddy. Augustus also is quite the mama’s boy right now, too. He just comes up to me and gives me big kisses and hugs so hard that he basically jumps on me any time he sees me after a brief detachment (i.e. after I go to the bathroom). He also say “I love my mommy” ALL the time. Life is good, right?  The boys are getting more affectionate with each other, telling each other they love them and giving hugs and kisses in  between the occasional hit, or toy swipe. 


Raleigh continues to astound us with his recall ability, in particular with direction, but it applies to everything.   Both boys were read new library books yesterday, and were able to retell Daddy and Nonnie what I had described to them.  This book was all about tractors and was not so much a story, but pictures with descriptions of what the tractors could do.  One tractor was hauling manure, so I described that, including what manure was, and why it was useful and both boys were able to retell about the manure tractor in their own ways.  Wow, development again at its best!  Daddy found a cool show for the boys on PBS that he set up to DVR daily.  It is called Word World.  If you have not seen it, the characters are letters that together make up the word and it still looks like what it is spelling out.  Here is a link so you can see what I mean. I think this shot is from an episode Daddy and Rals were watching so sweetly together.

rals with daddy (2)

The boys watched a particular episode with fire trucks in it and seriously, one time and the boys remember every thing about it.  They constantly spout off that “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”  That leads in to their seriously wicked imaginations.  They not only drag their mini-fire trucks around everywhere pretending to climb the ladder, save the day, and yell “fire rescue,” they also spot fires out when we are driving and talk about saving the day and how to spray fire hoses and use extinguishers. Wow!  GnR are so excited for Christmas!  They say “Merry Mis-mass” all the time when they see decorated Christmas trees, and yell out when they spot a “ho ho man,” aka, Santa Claus.  We have already gotten to see Santa Claus at Sea World as you saw in the last post, but soon enough we are going to ride to the North Pole with Nonnie, Auntie Peta and Daddy, too.  I cannot wait to see how excited they are that day.  Of course we need to celebrate Thanksgiving first, but they are not really understanding the concept yet.  Hopefully they will soon.  Of course, Grandpa Pickle’s birthday is the same day, so we’ll be celebrating that the same day…so they probably won’t really fully understand until next year. 


We visited a fire station yesterday as part of our multiples group.  The boys had fun, and were happy to volunteer to go first for every thing the firefighters let the do.  They were really good about waiting their turns, too. Yes, the first shot looks like I took a pee right before they snapped the picture, but good news, is that it was just from the fire hoses the kids got to play with!

  family shot, water below looks like i peed my pants...gus and daddy at hose, having too much fun (3)gus gets suited up (2)gus in truck - taking it all in! (4)gus in truck - taking it all in!

gus the little firemanRals cross eyed looking at the helmet

rals at the hoserals firefighter in the makingrals in the truck (3)

Ever the busy social calendar, here the boys had fun at their friend Hannah’s birthday party – where they got in touch with their feminine side and rode her pink scooter! 

backyardigansboys on the pink scooter (2)boys on the pink scooter (6)

They also helped Daddy try to fix the sod yet again.helpers

Here is a picture of the boys at the big boy table for dinner celebrating Pickles birthday a little early while his mom came to visit. Yup, the boys got to meet their first great-grandparent, Gigi Miriam who visited from Green Bay. 

big boys at dinner

gigi first visit (4)

We’ve enjoyed Busch Gardens some more, too.boys on the bridge on the way backgus at bggus lays on the nets

Gus chatted with Nannie in the car.gus talks to nannie

The boys celebrated Veteran’s Day in great style.veteran's day


We hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving this week!  I know we have a lot to be thankful for and I am working on remembering that when things are going completely nutso during those long days!  We cannot wait to see Auntie Peta next week, too!  Good luck on exams, Pete!  The boys will see you next Monday morning!

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