Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Seriously, These Kids are Kind of Crazy!

I love them, to bits and pieced, but really, these boys are crazy.  But so is their momma, so not a big surprise, right?  Our breakfast conversation today centered around who has penises and who doesn’t.  Including Elmo and Cookie monster; which I said they did have “them.”  So both boys looked, or inspected, the monsters on their breakfast plates.  I then had to explain that they had fur, so you definitely could not see their penises.  Just like our kitty.  Then the conversation turned to why the cats don’t wear underpants.  I decided the best answer I could come up with was again, due to their fur.  Seriously?!  Where do they come up with this stuff? This is not even a few days after Raleigh started a conversation in the car with “I’m moving my penis, I’m moving my penis up and down.”  Dude, really, do men start this early???  I guess so.  To think, a few months ago I was concerned with his language skills and ability to put words into a sentence.  Ha, now I am amazed at what comes out of his mouth, and just trying not to laugh most of the day.


Today we spent time in the mall play area.  Not something we frequent, and man, it was more work than any of us mommies expected.  At least it was air conditioned.  At one point Augustus escaped out one of the two entrances.  Why would you put two entrances into a play area?????  Hello!  Fine for those parents with one little one running wild, but what about those of us with two…or more?  I had seen both boys running happily around, Gus with his friends, and Rals was sitting atop one of the large characters within the play area.  Then I suddenly could not see Gus.  I was there with several friends, and no one could see him.  Within a minute I found him happily in a corner of the Build A Bear store right across from one of the play area entrances…or exits in this case.  Whoa!  We had a little discussion about leaving where mommy could not see him, and the fact that someone may take him away from us. I think it is time to introduce a little stranger danger to get some fear into this boy!  He is fearless and just wants to assert his independence in so many ways it is driving me a bit bonkers! But, back to cuteness, the “older” girls that were playing at the mall were playing sleeping princesses, and Annabella, Gus’ older girlfriend, told her mommy she knew just who should be the prince to wake her up…Augustus of course!  He was far too happy to oblige her with a kiss.  The best part is Bell’s equal opportunity mindset, and her desire to be the prince too, and she had to kiss him to wake him up!  Augustus was also quite pleased with that arrangement as well. Sorry, Charlie

daredevilprince and princess game (3) prince and princess game (2)  lovin (2) 

Raleigh fell asleep in the car, ugh! They never do this anymore. This five minute cat nap was all he got today!  kiss o death - not napping because of a ten minute car nap!  (2)

They were so excited about their day that they recapped it at the dinner table.  Gus wanted Bell to come to his house.  Oh, and of course, Ellie and Conner were invited as well.  I love to see how their language is blossoming and their interaction between each other as brothers is growing as well as with their peers. So fun! 

Our favorite sayings and things right now include Raleigh’s favorite saying of “that’s an idea” and he uses it properly.  He also says “maybe yes, or maybe no” any time I say “maybe.”  Obviously, that is how I explained the concept of maybe to him.  It is really cute.  I still love it when he answers a questions posed to him with a “yes.” 


I cannot stress how helpful the boys want to be.  If you praise them, they are all over anything you are doing.  They love to cook!  They love to clean; especially sort, fold and put away laundry.  They follow directions when it comes to helping better than any two year olds I know.  I know, a bit of a brag, but really, they are amazing little men! 


Raleigh just over night started counting to nine.  We have not really been working on numbers so this was quite the surprise to me.  He was sitting at a number book, looking at one of the pictures with trains, which happened to have nine, and he just rambled out one, two, three, and so on until he got to nine.  Okay, pride moment, but it could have been a fluke, so nothing to start scream at…until he did it again five minutes later!  He continues to get there in order, and not just repeating it, actually counting to nine.  Unfortunately, he then starts back at four and no matter how many times I point out that ten is next, he just says nine, contemplates for a second or two, and says “four.”  Hmm.  Gus can get to four still, and he still does not start at one.  He is hilarious.  He would much rather count in his head when you ask him how many X there are.  he just spits out the total.  As if counting is for babies or something.

The boys are done with high chairs.  We do breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, etc. at the picnic table.  We have one booster seat at home, but for now, the picnic table is just easier. One step at a time people, one step at a time. I am impressed that they will sit at a meal without any restraints.  No walking around is a BIG rule in our house!  Oh, and you have to wait until everyone is done eating before you get up to clean up.  Happy Days! Today at the mall, they even sat at big chairs (no boosters) and ate their lunch without getting up or goofing around! 

Below are a few pictures from the week.  The boys went to a library program about didgeridoos and Australia.  They were not totally impressed, but that was mostly because the guy leading the program was a bit of a tool. He wanted a room FULL of kids to be quiet, not ask questions, and basically not move.  Our boys did awesomely, and sat for almost 45 minutes straight with some weird dude talking to them, so I was impressed!  In fact, Augustus was kind of scared of the dude.  However, the park afterward garnered a thumbs up from Raleigh!

Pool fun with friends, and the camera that goes underwater!

The boys eating and playing at a birthday party…mmm, they love themselves some cake!  Me, not so excited to see red frosting…it results in bright orange poo the next day;P

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