Monday, August 2, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Okay, so it finally happened. I took the boys to the Post Office, to help me mail something.  Yup, may not sound like fun to you, but the boys are kind of obsessed with all trucks, as you may know, and the even know the mail truck and are excited to go in the Post Office.  When I turn right out of our development’s back entrance, they usually perk right up and say “mail.”  Anyway, Augustus really did not want to hold my hand in line once inside, or stay with me; the wall of greeting cards was just calling his name, you know, and when I asked him to hold my hand or sit down, he said “it” the dreaded “no” word.  Now, our kids say “no” often, preferably “no thank you” but, "no” nonetheless, but never “no” so blatantly to a request. Sure, they have totally disregarded our requests to stop, or wait, etc., but never a sure fire “no.”  Humph.  Another sign our babies are growing up!


In other funny things that come out of the boys mouths, we were driving back from the aquarium this weekend, and Raleigh was looking at the clouds trying to describe what he saw. First it was “manimals” then it was Mickey ears, then it was boobies.  Yup, that’s right, boobies.  Okay, Raleigh, thanks for sharing.  I had to chuckle at that one.  This kid constantly makes me laugh, but that was pretty priceless.  This was after we had been at a play date earlier in the week where I had been wearing turquoise beads and Raleigh told me that I had chocolate on my boobs.  Hmm…what???  Then he touched my beads and said “chocolate.”  No, honey, these are beads.  The “chocolate” was the brown veining within the beads.  Still, it was funnier to hear I had chocolate on my boobs, not something unheard of, but unlikely that day;)  This leads right into Raleigh’s newest favorite discussion as we are driving. He will just say “I’m touching my penis.”  Yup, you read that right as well.  Thanks for sharing, Rals.  We are not trying to scar the kids into not talking about these things or touching certain parts of their anatomy, but really?  Moving right along to his other favorite thing…when he does number two, he gets excited if you know what I mean.  Not sure why, but all of a sudden, bam, and then he starts to move his “excitement” up and down and say “I’m moving my penis.”  Wow, he really is a Hamilton!  I know, this is probably too much information for most of you, but those of you with little boys can probably really appreciate this.  Although, my best friend has some great stories about her little girl and her stories about boobies as well…so I should not be sexist;)  I hope Nanny and Poppy are prepared for all this craziness! Below is a picture of the boys tearing off another day on our countdown chart.  Today we are down to 9 sleeps!!!

nanny and poppy countdown!nanny and poppy countdown! (2)

Enjoy our week in pictures!  I know you will.

  NEW UMBRELLA (2) firetruck momma and the boys;) my three boys!  fire trucking (2)


he's got his momma's legs! (2)  dar jr (2)best buds  raleigh, so big now, they boy used to fit comfortably in here! too much fun

DSCF1253DSCF1128  DSCF1127

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