Monday, August 16, 2010

The Grandies Arrive!

Well, the boys have been thoroughly loving their time with the Grandies from Oz.  They flew in on Thursday and the boys were super excited to welcome them.  Here are a few shots of the big night!


First, the boys practiced with their signs for the Grandies.

gnr excited for nannie and poppy gnr excited for nannie and poppy (2)

A twin mom who was welcoming her boys home was gracious enough to take our picture after we greeted them with the sign.grandies arrive - group shot;)

Check out these smiles looking at Nannie and Poppy!grandies arrive, happy boys!!! poppy and rals watching the planes rals and poppy this is how we rollthis is how we roll (2) daddy and gus with some serious attitude cheese!  showing the grandies the new big boy beds! showing the grandies the new big boy beds! (2)

The boys have been very helpful, as usual, with putting together a new outdoor table, and today they helped put together a new toy storage unit for the garage.  They were dying to help Poppy and Daddy with the laundry revamp, but there was just too much to get into.  We’ll post an update of the finished product soon.  We are looking forward to exploring Orlando with the grandies, as well.  For today, we are taking it easy, before we hit the beach tomorrow!!!  Fun times for all.

daddy and gus backpacks - happy, happy backpacks - happy, happy (2) boys on their ear piece  chase poppy chase poppy (2) chilling (2) chilling (3)

buildernannie helping rals out ` rals and nannie tickle fest rals helps nannie rals and his noisy cargus and poppy gus and poppy (2) happy backpackers (3) happy backpackers (4) helpers!

GB rals underwater tea and cake 2 buckets away! buckets away! (2) cheezles on the fingers! (2) gus goggle man gus spin-tastic C rals hanging in his floater (2) rals hanging in his floater (3)

DSCF2802 DSCF2803

how cute are these boys?

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  1. I love all the pictures. The boys are adorable and always look like they are having such a fun time!


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