Friday, September 3, 2010

What a Trip!

Well, the grandies finally made it back to Oz, and we have had a couple of days to get back into our old routine.  The boys were so tired yesterday, they slept over three hours at naptime and went right back to bed and slept until 8 am today!  Wow!  They miss Nannie and Poppy and are talking about them in conversation daily – which is pretty cool. Oh and Auntie Peta, too, because we promised that she will be coming to visit them soon.   

Today when we were playing with friends, Augustus was counting the seats on a plane (his new favorite thing to do is to hold up two fingers, say two, then hold up three fingers, say three, again, he almost never starts with one), and then went into a story about Nannie and Poppy being on the plane.  I think the Grandies may be perpetually on all planes we see!

Tonight, in the car and Raleigh started talking about his friends C&E, and how they went on “a-cation” – otherwise, known as a vacation, and I asked him if he wanted to take a vacation, and he said he did, with Mommy & Daddy. I asked him where he wanted to go, fully expecting him to say Australia, but, no, he wanted to “a-cation” to Nonnie’s house.  Safe to say, he missed Nonnie and Papa Pickles, too!  This weekend is a long weekend, and although we have an awesome play date scheduled for tomorrow that I am sure you will come back to read about real soon, we hope that the boys have a ton of time with Nonnie and Grandpa Pickles too. 

Over the course of the vacation, Augustus has had a complete language explosion!  Seriously, I know I have written that before, and really, with one of our boys being a bit more verbal than the other, I think we, or maybe it is just me, stresses about Gus’ verbal abilities more than if he was a “singleton.”  Lately, Gus has talked non-stop.  I mean NON-STOP! At bedtime tonight, they were dead-silent for about 20 minutes, and then I hear Gus saying, “no, mines birthday, happy birthday.”  Raleigh says “Mines birthday.” Back and forth they went until Augustus started listing all his family’s birthdates, Nannie, Papa, Mommy, Daddy, Connor, etc.  Loved it!  Thankfully, they can burst out like that and then be sound asleep two minutes later. 

Speaking of sleeping situations, on the first night of our stay at a hotel, Matthew went in to the boys room in the morning, where they were sleeping in twin beds for the first time, and Matthew thought Nannie must have gotten Raleigh up already because he could not see him in his bed.  So, he started talking to Augustus and asked him if he wanted to go up to see Nannie and Poppy, and he said yes, and then seemingly out of nowhere, comes a squeaky “me too.” Here Raleigh had gotten out of bed, climbed under it and gotten stuck. Well, to say he was less than thrilled about sleeping in the bed the rest of the trip, but se la vie.  We now know that we are not going to be transitioning to the real big-boy beds soon.  Maybe at three years old!  And I have such great fire truck sheets that I am dying to use! But I digress.

Overall, the boys had an amazing time with the grandies.  They were spoiled rotten, and just in heaven with all the attention.  I was also in heaven with getting spoiled sleeping in and having extra hands all the time to make it so much easier to do the day-to-day things.  We lived it up and through all our trips and tribulations the boys were amazing troopers, particularly when they were tired.  It is hard to remember they are only two years old because they are so awesome.  Even after going full forced on day three away from their home with an hour nap average for the two previous days, they were still all smiles and giggles on the way home from Mickey’s house where we made it all day without a nap or much rest.  They did fall asleep about 6pm that night, but we were blown away with how great they did with heat, little sleep and lots and lots of adventures.


It was funny to see how they were with other people in their space, and see how they had a great time learning all sorts of new things from their lovely Aussie family.  Augustus continued his fierce independent streak, most epitomized with his serious “direction” to let him do it, or get away, so he could do it himself.  Seriously, one of my favorite pictures from our travels is of him directing Nannie away from him so he could jump in the pool by himself. 

In all his glory of anal retentiveness, just like his father, this stubborn, streak of independence and self-reliance is awesome to watch blossom.  Seriously frustrating to deal with when you want to just get moving some days, but I love that the boys have no problem doing their own thing.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want a bunch of boys that don’t listen, but I love that they have free will and are not afraid to let you know what they want…hmm, wonder why?

I could go on and on about our time with the Grandies, and will continue to write about it in the future, but since the blog is so much for the family that is on the other side of the world, I will keep from going on and on.  I am sure there will be other stories added, to make sure I remember them for the boys, but overall, just wanted to say the boys had a great trip and time with their Grandies.  We hope to see you all again really soon!

saying good-bye, not fun! (2) saying good-bye and poppy is giving me that look to end it!


Enjoy a few links back to the last few visits we’ve had.  The boys growth is amazing – yup, used that word again, but it is the best I can come up with!

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