Sunday, September 5, 2010

Busy, ADORABLE Boys!

So, I know every mother thinks their kids are the cutest ever, and I am no exception.  Just look at these faces, beautiful and FULL of personality.  So blessed to have them both in our lives.  Just wanted to share that, oh, and a picture review of what we have been up to. 


Busy, busy, as usual.  This week we will be even busier than usual, too.  Happy Labor Day, that’s this weekend’s holiday, right?  I don’t want to sound stupid, but all I really know is that we have a three day weekend with Daddy.  However, he is busy studying for an exam for work, and has basically been going to bed at 9 and getting up at 4:30 in the morning to study while his mind is fresh.  I have a few minutes while he is playing pillow pile with the boys – still one of their favorite games.  

the cutest wet rats ever! the faces, oh happy daysgus full of glee no daddy! raleigh's turn (2) raleigh's turn (3)  woo-hoo (4)

happy gus on the trainrals, the eyes my boys (2) rals in thought on train  tiny red trains fishie bank time besties, how cute are they (6)

Yay for pancakes!

yay for pancakes! (2)

Boys pretend shaving with Nonnie!shaving shaving (2)

Tea Party, no not the crazy people kind, just two boys and a cup of tea!tea time! tea time! (2)

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