Monday, September 20, 2010

The Beach Boys

Yup, these boys are definitely Florida boys, with a splash of Aussie charm.  We spent the morning at the beach and they had a ball, and of course, so did I! Sunshine, cool breeze and super warm waters to dip my toes in, equals one happy mama!  Well, actually two mamas since my mom was there to help out and play with the boys!


Just being back at this tiny beach we have taken the boys to numerous times makes me nostalgic!  Here are a few of my old time favorite shots of them on this beach.  Not the shots at other beaches, just this one.  Wow, have the boys changed!!!

Here is their first trip at six months.  Augustus is in blue and has the pumpkin bib on (oh my goodness, those cheeks!)!

Augustus & mom 10.15.08 first trip to the beach DSC05871


Mom trying her best to hold her big boys Napping on nonnie Raleigh loving the sand between his toes DSC05840

The boys at the beach with Uncle Tommy one month later

Raleigh w. drool Gus aka Elvis!! Raleigh & Augustus at the beach

DSC06887Merry Christmas Raleigh & Augustus 11.13.08 

Boys at their first Valentine’s Day, super, super cute!!! Gus at the “hearthrob” Rals as the “heart breaker” – again, they had chubs, sooooooo adorable!

Raleigh & Augustus with back view on Gus Raleigh in water Raleigh smiling  The boys with a heart in middle Augustus & Raleigh V-day 09 Augustus hearth throb water shot Augustus with curls  Augustus, hey it is bright out here Augustus with nonnie in background

Rals, not as impressed with the sand!

raleigh you can see from his body language he is hating the sand rals = great up close shot

Gus, with long hair!

gus - pretty sure he'd rather be naked gus and his man pose


Today, the weather was ridiculously perfect.  My favorite thing that happened was when Gus smelled a dead fish that Nonnie held up for them to inspect.  Just like he does when he smells the flowers.  Um, ya, not the best idea Gus, but okay, thanks for giving us a laugh! 

boys on the pierboys on the pier (2) 

gus happy in the water rals, serious sandcastle buildinggus making funny faces gus the beachy man (2) gus with a big, cheesey grin rals laying in water, so peacefullynons and the boys rals the happy little water manrals big splash   rals with sea grass crab looking burried in sand! (3) burried in sand! (6) burried in sand! (7)

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  1. Love it! It's amazing how much they grow up, but you can still see those looks in their eyes.


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