Monday, September 27, 2010

Target Dollar Section = AWESOME!

Raleigh and I hit the Target dollar section today, you know you love it, right?  Well, I found these great plates with tight fitting lids for a dollar each.  Our besties have the Sassy brand ones in the picture below and they are great for toting a sandwich or food out and about and still having a plate to serve the food on.  For a dollar, I thought this was a great deal!

We also found these! masks

Fun, and seriously, a dollar????  Our Super-T only had one koala, but I am hoping to stumble across one more at another one.  Although, Rals was keen on the lion and being able to yell “rawr!!!”

Below is the start of a work in progress.  The chairs and side table are from Ikea.  We got two red chairs and two black chairs, and two black side tables.  One red chair is still a work in-progress because my thumb was about to fall off after assembling the other ones.  The second table is not together because the screws were not in the box, bummer!  Now, we’ll just have to go back…


Any who.  The side tables are the perfect size for the boys now, and I think eventually we’ll move them to their bedrooms.  We are using our once kitchen table as their activity table/coffee table in the playroom right now, and we love it.  The four chairs will be perfect at the bigger table once they grow a bit more.  For now, it will be their “dining room” table when they have friends over.  The picnic table is just getting too tight for four littlies now!  Back to the work in-progress, we have been waiting until the weather cools to paint some magnetic paint with chalkboard paint on one of the playroom walls.  Well, even better idea (I hope) is to paint the top of the tables so they can play with magnets or chalk on the top.  Fun, right? Hopefully, I’ll post the finished product soon. I am very excited!!!


Crafty idea, quick and easy!

The besties were over last Friday for our new usual day of babysitting fun.  No steamroller action this time, but we did have some craft time.  We made butterflies in a matter of minutes from coffee filters, and a pipe cleaner (got a pack of them from the Target Dollar section, too).  Of course, they were embellished with style by the kiddies.  Here are where we put ours.  Of course, I gave Miss Natalie Gus’, so Connor’s is hanging in our room;) And don’t worry, these are hanging very high, although the picture does not show it, so no one is going to get hurt on the cords!!!

buttefly craft arts and crafts (2)

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