Friday, January 9, 2009

9 Month Checkup Today

Christmas at Nonnie & Pickles
On our newest toy

Gus' favorite new sport, crawling over Raleigh

The boys had their 9 month checkup today. Only shot was their Synergis - and boy do they hate it!!! The boys are doing awesome of course. The doctor heard a slight murmur on Raleigh's heart, but she was not concerned. Augustus' iron level was a bit low, so they are going to recheck it next month when they go back for another Synergis shot. Otherwise, we could have added half whole milk to his formula. Raleigh's level was fine. They have also graduated to their next car seat, so daddy will be busy installing them this weekend:) Raleigh weighed in at a whopping 20lb 4oz, and was 29 1/2 inches long. Augustus is two pounds heavier exactly, and a half inch longer.

The best news is that they have settled into a better night routine since we returned from Oz. They are getting to bed around 8pm and sleeping usually until at least 6am straight, although Raleigh still has some weird wake-ups from time to time. Gus even made it 12 solid hours one night this can only hope this will be a trend sooner than later. Of course our pediatrician rained on our parade and said pretty soon their molars will come in and their sleep schedule will be all off again soon:) Yeah! Cannot wait...
This week has been a new adventure for us with both boys pulling themselves up to stand and standing on their own. This means tumbles & watching them to make sure they are not pulling each other down while trying to pull themselves using their brother. Raleigh has even tried cruising between his kitchen toy and the chair in our play room. Look out, they will be walking soon!! Unbelievable=)

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