Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Augustus Cardiologist Update

Raleigh & Augustus snuggled up in their car seats.

Raleigh screaming because Gus is touching him...and Gus loving it. Man, do we have our hands full.

Augustus sleeping, could he look any sweeter?

Raleigh & Augustus' great escape.

Raleigh yelling at Augustus who was standing at the window banging.

Augustus & Raleigh in their Pumpkin Patch shirts from Nannie & Poppy - how cute!!

Augustus in his PP sweater vest, man that is the best store for baby boys clothes!

Today Augustus & I braved the cold winter weather to visit the cardiologist. It was literally in the thirties this morning, brr! The good news is that Gus is doing great, and his numbers are all about the same. Which means his pulmonary stenosis is still very, very mild. The great news is that the hole in his upper heart chamber appears to be closed. This was their expectation all along, so it is nice to actually hear that it has happened. He does not have to go back for another 9-12 months, so we can hopefully coordinate his next visit with Raleigh's next visit after April.

The boys are so mobile now I am having a hard time pinning them down to feed them their bottles (yes, the lazy men still want mommy to feed them...). Not to mention trying to change their diapers and clothes is almost a full contact sport now! I can't wait to see how things change when they are able to run away:)

In three days the boys will be ten months. Time has flown so fast, I can't believe they are here, let alone almost 10 months old. I still remember my baby shower last February and looking like I had a basketball stuffed up my dress! Hard to believe the babies are no longer babies; they are really toddlers trying to walk and having a good old time crawling all over anything & everything. Raleigh even cut two more teeth this week. Augustus is still working on the next two bottom teeth erupting. That makes 8 for Raleigh and Augustus has 6. Next up the 12 month molars. I figure by that time we will just have them back into a sleep routine from our trip to Oz, and then they will be miserable again while their molars come in. Oh well, that is the fun of parenthood:)

Hoping everyone is well & staying warm if you are in the U.S. and those of you in Australia, hope you are staying cool!

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