Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nonnie's Birthday!

First, I have to report that my husband and my dad now have matching hair cuts...um, that's right Matthew has a military cut now. And he paid for it. What can I say? At least hair grows back I guess;) You know pictures will be taken when he is not looking!

Today the boys had an adventure out for lunch with Nonnie & Pickles, and dad was even able to join us for lunch too:) We ate at a Greek restaurant, and man, it was so good. The boys enjoyed helping Nonnie open her present, and singing the birthday song. The best part was that the waiters/waitresses threw napkins & yelled "opa" after they were done. The boys were entranced! This is one of my favorite restaurants, too. At night they even have belly dancers who will make you dance, or at least attempt to dance, it is good fun particularly with a few cocktails:)

Here are some pictures of their day out.

Nonnie's picture frame & the boys watching/helping:)

Cake arrives, their faces were priceless, "Opa"

The napkins were everywhere...which made me feel better about the mess the boys left behind!
The funny face Raleigh is making is because he "stole" the lemon from my mom's water.

Augustus has started the funniest thing. Whenever Matthew tickles him he talks so that his voice quivers & shakes. I caught a short video of him at the restaurant (he had the waitresses in stitches) but it is taking far to long to upload, maybe next time;)
On a side note, we just want to pass along our prayers & good thoughts for Lauren & her four beans. Keep positive! http://laurensblog.greenfamily.net/

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