Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Boys First Visit to our Local Manatees

Raleigh checking out the manatees, or the fence, not sure which was more exciting. Again, mini-King Kong

Dad's new buzz, and Raleigh

Manatee love

Emma, Brooks - so cute, he slept the entire time
Augustus & Raleigh

Waving/sunbathing manatee

Raleigh watching Emma & Augustus "share"
Yesterday the boys had some great daddy-time in the morning while I attended a tea for new moms. They had fun and so did I! So many tiny, tiny babies to help out with.

We also had lunch at our house with another couple who have twins a little older than ours come . It was nice to see the boys play with others, and try to emulate them when they left. Emma was in the toy bucket, and I could see Raleigh trying to figure out how he was going to get in this morning! Crafty little things. My favorite part of their play date was when Augustus was rubbing his hand on Emma's face (with my help saying "nice Emma") and he would smile and shyly look away into dad's shoulder. SO CUTE!

Then, we went to see some manatees. It has been cold the past two days so we figured we would have a good shot at seeing some, and maybe even the boys would notice them in the water too. There were so many manatees, I have never seen the water so full of them! We got some great shots. The boys seemed to see them, but they were not really that interested. Nonetheless, they were well behaved. The only incident was Raleigh getting his finger bitten while sitting next to Augustus in the side-by-side stroller. They have this nasty habit of putting their fingers in each others mouths & the other one just cannot help himself and bites it. I think they are trying to get love from the other one by doing it. They always put their fingers up to our mouths & we kiss them (especially when they are eating their bottles - it really is sweet). So hopefully they figure out what is causing the pain soon. The expert who spoke at our moms' tea said that some children bite for excitement or love because they don't know how else to express it. I will try to move them to something else they CAN bite the next time this occurs. They love the chewie raspberries (if you have not tried these with teething babies I HIGHLY recommend it), so we'll give that a go next time.
Raleigh swinging
Augustus swings
Small enough to still swing together

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