Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Flu Invades

This past weekend was very long indeed. Not only did we have a long weekend due to President's Day, but we also had a long weekend with everyone sick with a nasty stomach bug. Unfortunately, that is what happens from time to time with little ones & play dates!

First I got it Friday, then Gus started showing symptoms, then Daddy, then Raleigh. I think today everyone is almost back to normal. The boys are finally eating and drinking a bit better. Raleigh still has some smelly stuff going on, but other than that, we should be good to go soon.

I cannot tell you how much laundry and cleaning we have done to try to limit this flu to one go around, but I am sure you with kids understand! The toys alone take a half a day to clean properly I swear:) Now that everything has been fully disinfected again we have taken most of the toys out of their playroom until they are better. All the cleaned stuffed animals are put away too until they are fully recovered just to cut down on the cleaning again!

As we are stuck inside - we are not even going to chance spreading this to others - I have been busy taking pictures. Here are just a few cute ones from today that I could not help but share. Their new jeans are too darn cute! Raleigh has a new AC/DC shirt, and I am looking for a Beatles or Dave Matthew's Band shirt for Gus - size 18 months if anyone has one;).

We hope Nonnie Boni feels better soon...of course she caught our bug. She could not help come & give us cuddles while we were sick. Feel better soon!

Raleigh in his new AC/DC shirt

Raleigh checking out the view - man those eyes are blue!

Brotherly love, Raleigh holding on to Gus

Raleigh "patting" Augustus

Too cute! Raleigh looking down at Gus...

...and Gus looking up at Raleigh

Rals & Gus

Augustus, smooshed in the chair by his smaller bro;)

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