Thursday, February 26, 2009

11 Months Already? Another day at the park

Gus getting Raleigh who is laying in the bag!

Wow, has time flown or what? The boys were officially 11 months old yesterday. Amazing! They spent the morning with mommy, and a few hours in the afternoon with Nonnie Boni & Grandpa Pickles. Mommy spent the "free" time cleaning. It is nice to have help when you want to get things done; it is very hard to mop with four little hands & four little feet chasing you down. Although I saved the vacuuming until they got home as they love to watch it so much! The boys had a nice talk with Nannie & Poppy & Great Aunt Jackie & Great Uncle Dale on Skype. The funniest thing was hearing Poppy say "hello" to the boys & see Augustus hold his hand by his ear as if he was on the telephone. Then I got the phone out for him & he held it to his ear to talk to them:) The boys have slept really well the last two nights, so we hope they are back into their normal routine after their flu bought had them up at random times in the night. They would fall back asleep right away if they woke up, but no one gets a solid night if one wakes up with a little cry. Raleigh has been standing on his own more, just for a few seconds here & there, but we are excited. Both boys are using their walkers to walk around the playroom. Augustus is less interested in it than Raleigh, but we are trying to encourage him as best we can. They get the proudest look on their faces when you are cheering them on as they walk around. So cute. We are excited their twin friends Abigail & Annabelle just started walking yesterday. The girls are two week older, and the boys tend to have their developmental milestones about three weeks after hopefully by their first birthday they will be walking. The boys' party is at a great park & it would be great to see them able to walk at the playground...I think;)

Raleigh swinging away, Gus is on the back side

Gus looking so big! Gus & Mommy on the slide. Raleigh in his bag!

Augustus at the top of the tall slide, oh my, he is a little daredevil.
Raleigh on the horse, looking very intense.

The boys laughing at each other while trying to get the sippy cup.

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