Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day Revisited

Well, Valentine's Day has come and gone. I have been super sick with the flu, and Augustus had signs of the flu yesterday afternoon, and although he was not himself most of the day, he seems to be much better today. He only got "sick" a few times and this morning when I went in to get him from his crib he greeted me as only a happy-go-lucky Gus can do, with legs just a kicking! That is his happy dance, and if you have seen his thighs, you know there is some power behind those kicks! We are so lucky to have Grandpa Pickles to come by and help out while we were not well, and for Daddy who came home early on Friday! Thank goodness for President's Day too, long weekend, YAY!!!

We had a great time taking the photos of the boys on the beach, well maybe great is not the right word. It was a lot of work, particularly for Nonnie Boni, but so worth it. I am sure next year when we look back on their first Valentine's Day pictures we will not remember the sweat:) I remember the days of immobility and how much easier it was to get them to smile and both look at the camera. Those days are gone for a little while I suppose. Still adorable, candid shots were had. They really are the cutest things I have ever seen!
In other news, the boys went to the doctor for their monthly Synergis shots last Monday. Both boys are well. Augustus is up to 22 & 1/2 pounds and Raleigh gained a half a pound on Augustus, as he is now up to 21 pounds. Watch out Bulldozer, your bro is catching up! Also, Raleigh is fully crawling now, no more army/swimming style crawling unless of course he is super excited, he still just cannot help himself, he has to scoot & yell the entire time he is chasing his brother, cat, shoes, etc.

Here are a few larger shots of the boys from the beach. Enjoy!

Raleigh, probably getting ready to put some sand in that mouth!

Raleigh with his new friends, the puppies

Raleigh Charles looking sweet

Augustus Jackson looking a bit like Clint Eastwood (yeah, you were right on that one Leah!)

Raleigh - looking pretty much exactly like Gus in this picture!

Augustus, laying back in his tub with feet up

Augustus looking EXACTLY like Daddy in this one
Gus with a big smile

Also, please keep our friend Lauren & her babies in your prayers; baby B's water broke this past week & she is in the hospital again. Much love & prayers to her family!


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