Monday, February 2, 2009

Favorite Little Things

Boys holding hands - so grainy because I had to shoot quick - it does not last long!

Raleigh - it is all in the eyes!

Boys playing together - check out those thighs!

Augustus letting me know how much he was enjoying his spaghetti - tastes better when it is in the hair...make sure you check out the video at the end of this post!

So everyday I think to myself, I want to remember all these great little things the boys are doing...well, I guess the best way to remember them is to put it down to "paper." Since I am not a big writer in an actual journal, this blog will have to do. Plus it gives those of you far away a chance to hear about the little things the boys are doing.

I love when the boys hold hands, even if their excitement about it only lasts a little while before someone inevitably ends up in tears. I swear, they do like each other, right?
I love that Raleigh now sits up on his knees without hand support & does little dances.

They both can pull themselves up to stand, and can get down, mostly by sumo-style throws to the floor on their bums.

I love that they look for Matthew to come home when they hear the key enter the door. I hate that they get sad when he leaves and even stand at the door looking up after he goes. So sad:(

I think it is hilarious that they love meat...any kind! I would get so sick eating chicken and ham with these guys while pregnant, I thought for sure they would be picky eaters like me. I am pleasantly surprised that they love everything!! Especially meats & veggies. The sounds they make while eating these two food groups makes me giggle every time they eat.

I love that the boys love books, even if most of the time it is just because they want to stuff them in their mouths. They are now really into touching the "touchy feely" books and can sit through at least one reading of most books. Yay!

I love their full belly laughs. Especially when they are laughing at each other.

I also love that they have such distinctive laughs, sounds, voices, and cries. They are so unique even if they start to look more similar every day.

I love that Raleigh will crawl after Gus squealing all the way, it is like he is telling his brother he is coming...or that he is going to get him, I cannot be sure.

I adore Gus' curly hair. It is so long now, but I don't have the heart to cut it before the summer when it will be really, really curly in the humidity. Raleigh's hair is also getting curlier, it just has some catching up to do before it reaches Augustus' length.

I love that Gus will stop playing just to throw himself at me for a cuddle & then go right back to playing.

Augustus is a bulldozer and will take the shortest route over anything & everything. Raleigh likes to think his routes out a little more, although he loves to climb over anything too.

I think Raleigh will be left-handed and Augustus will be right-handed.

Raleigh seems to enjoy music & dancing. He does a little dance we call "CPR" because his arms flail up and down like he is giving someone CPR.

Augustus seems fearless! Scary sometimes. Raleigh seems to be more cautious to try new things. This completely throws off my in-womb thoughts about them & their personalities. I actually thought Augustus would be calm...ha!

It is hilarious to see them tease/taunt each other. Both will hold out toys & then pull it back when the other reaches for it. Even better is seeing them body block the other from getting their toys. I know eventually we will work on sharing, but for now, it is just hilarious to watch their little minds work.

Speaking of their cribs, here are some pictures (click on them to enlarge). We have had to become really creative with to stop them from eating them. Raleigh figured out the rings, so now he has an Ace bandage around a towel to stop the gnawing...we have to stay one step ahead for survival!
Raleigh's crib
Augustus' crib (right)

MOVIE - spaghetti day at the Hamiltons -
Yes it is messy, but everything is easy to wash - so chill!

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  1. OMG...too cute! And the best part? I could tell who is who! Thanks for meeting us at the mall today :)


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