Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sick Babies, but Lots of Cuteness Still Going Around:)

Gus loving Raleigh chasing him. How Precious!!!

First as a side note, if you have not watched the "spaghetti" video in the last post, please watch it. If you listen carefully you will hear Gus say "it's good" and Raleigh say "I like." I know, I know, 10 months and they are already talking;) Geniuses, no?

Well, with all the cold weather we have been experiencing it is no wonder that the boys are a little sick. Seriously, it was colder here one day this week than it was in Seattle, that just seems wrong! Raleigh started getting sick Friday with a faucet nose and now Gus has it to. All clear snot, but man does it run. I was hoping it was just from teething as Gus is working on that eighth tooth & Raleigh constantly has his finger back in his left molar, but alas, it seems to be a little cold. Hopefully it passes quickly! We had just gotten them back into an awesome sleep routine, and now they are up basically every hour and a half if we are lucky. That makes for one tired mommy. Dad even got up last night a few times when both of them started crying. Unfortunately, he has to work this Saturday, so he is pretty tired too. Good news is that both boys are sleeping now:)

We had a lot of fun this week before they got sick. We went to the mall and met a few other moms there. This was a first for them. They have walked the mall with us, but never went into the play area. Mom thinks they are very germy...could this be the cause of the cold??? At least they are exposed to a few germs so hopefully they build strong immune systems! The boys had a great time climbing everything. It was all the right height for them to start exploring, and boy did they!

Then we met some other multiples at the aquarium. That was also a blast. The boys were let out of their cages, er, strollers for the first time at the aquarium too. It was hilarious to see three double strollers corralled around six 10 & 11 month olds and one almost three year old. Of course the boys were the first to pull themselves up on the giant aquarium (from floor to ceiling probably 40 feet) and start licking the glass. I should not be surprised, they do it all over my house too. Speaking of which, I need to scrub down all the walls again soon...and windows, etc.

Thursday we went to another set of twins house for a play date. We did a "rolling nap" on the way there & back since it takes an hour each way. They then had fun playing & eating their lunch at their friends Emma & Brooks' house. Raleigh tried out the horse that can hook up to a TV and the actions the kids do on the horse make the TV do different things. He just sat on it, but we are excited that his feet reach since we have the same toy still in a box at home. I am thinking it will be used as a birthday present:)

Raleigh leaning on Emma, looks like he is up to no good to me;)

Gus, Brooks, Rals, Em - caged monkeys.

Raleigh on the horse

Thinking of a few other little things I love, I forgot to put in that Augustus now loves to look under things, and when he does he scoots his little butt in the air with his head down, it is adorable!!! Gus has also started to "yell" at me and other people. If you tell him "no" he sometimes stops and looks at you and yells in this very commanding little voice. Oh boy, we are in trouble...

This video is Raleigh doing his little dance I love so much. We had Dave Matthews Band on this particular morning & he was rocking out. Mom is so proud;) Plus, you can see what I mean by licking the glass, ugh!

Short video of the boys playing together, squealing:)

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  1. Your boys are so adorable Brooke!! I forgot how cute they are at that age! Right now I am dealing with a sassy 5 year old and an up and coming sassy 3 year old. LOL! Still fun, but not quite as cute. HA!! I am excited to be able to follow you on your blog!!! Yay!


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