Sunday, February 22, 2009

Swinging With Dad

My Boys

Just a quick hello to post a few pictures of the boys enjoying their swing. Dad is super excited about this too:)

Update on the newest & greatest things we are doing:

Augustus has started running his tongue along his teeth all the can see him sticking his tongue out in one shot & his beautiful teeth in another. We finally got them a real toothbrush so we can keep some of our fingers. The little finger brush we had was a danger to us both when we were trying to "brush" their teeth.

Both of the boys are really into eating their own food & don't really like the "baby" food any more. They really love cheese & yogurt.

They have started using their push to stand walkers which is very exciting. Except when they fight over the same one...very scary for mom to watch them duke it out. The boys are also trying to climb up on everything as well.

Very exciting to hear them making new sounds, we cannot wait to hear these little men talk:) They still say "da da da da" all the time now, but they have added "ra ra ra ra ra" for Raleigh. Gus has a very distinctive "hello" and uses it to answer his telephone. Yup, little man holds the phone up to his ear & everything. The funniest thing is when he picks up other random toys & acts like that is a telephone too. "HELLO" he yells:)

Every day is such a joy! XOXO - the boys!

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