Sunday, March 1, 2009

Raleigh Takes his First Steps & the Strawberry Festival

So, today the boys went to Nonnie & Pickles for the morning and when we got home they needed a nap. That lasted only 30 minutes, and since we spent most of the day yesterday in car seats & the stroller we were up and going full steam. Raleigh surprised us all by taking a few steps on his own from the window to Mommy! Amazing. He is really close to walking now that he is brave enough to just go on his own like this. Daddy caught it on film. In the posted video you can see it is short, but everyone has to start somewhere. So exciting and scared to death at the same time. Here is the video, along with a few pics from the Strawberry Festival yesterday. Last video is a short one of the boys loving on each other...or trying to bite, not really sure!

Other highlights include Augustus' new game of laying down, throwing his head into his arms with his butt in the air if he knows he should not be doing something. Too cute. They understand things so much better. I can ask them "where is the ball" and they both look around the playroom & go find it. Then tackle it, lick it, bite it, and play with it. It is so awesome to see comprehension!!!

Video of Raleigh taking a few steps - sorry for the LOUD Wisconsin accent I pulled out of no where!!!

Dad with Gus & Raleigh in front of the berries, so hot that day, today nice & cold!
Dad & the boys in front of one of many food stands...I ate fried Wisconsin cheese, and we shared a strawberry shortcake. The flat of berries we took home were amazing. Matthew made some homemade ice cream we will enjoy later;)

Festive hair dos!

Good Brothers...Raleigh's walking attempt at the end of this video was more of just throwing himself, but he is trying;)

Yummy berries, and the "art" along I-4


  1. He is doing such a GREAT job!!!

  2. YAY!! Good for him! Just to let you know....your days are numbered! When they both start walking things really get fun!!:)


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