Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Raleigh Getting Better at Walking

First - Happy Birthday to Auntie Peta again from the boys!!!
Second, we miss Nonnie, but we hope you enjoy your last day of vacation with Alexander!

Here are a few videos of Raleigh walking a bit better.

Monday's attempt

Today's attempt

Augustus is trying too, but he just does not have the core strength yet. He leads too much with his Buddha, I mean belly! Augustus did make it up one step of the slide today & shimmied up enough to slide down head first! A first in our household...Augustus does not like something we presented him to eat. Grilled cheese of all things! He would chew it, spit it out, chew it again until the bread was fully soft & then he would eat it. I guess he did not like the two textures together!!!

Raleigh's newest trick is making kissy sounds (which he did today while talking to Auntie Peta) & using his hand to make a "come here" signal, which I call "gimmy gimmy" since he does it mostly when he eats!!!

They had their shots yesterday afternoon to help prevent the RSV. We only have one more set to go for this year...thankfully. They were crying when I pulled their stroller up to the scale at the doctor's office. They totally knew what was coming. Unfortunately, they have their one year check up coming soon too! Poor boys have bruises in both of their thighs since they are so big now they have to break the shot up into two separate shots. Augustus weighed in at an even 24 pounds, OMG! Raleigh is still svelte at 21.8. Both boys slept really well after getting shots & having a play date earlier in the day yesterday. Hoping they sleep as well tonight. On that note, this mommy is heading for bed!

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