Saturday, March 7, 2009

Aquarium...again! This time with water:)

Video...they love the water for sure!

Today we decided to pack up the boys after their morning nap for lunch at the aquarium. It hit 80 degrees today, so it was a perfect time to check out the water area. The water was way cold, but our water babies did not mind one little bit. Above is a classic video. Of course Gus was our fearless wonder Gus, but Raleigh certainly caught up as you can see in the video!Man, did they have fun. Gus was literally yelling when we were drying him off to change him. The little guy dove head first into the fountains at least 20 times. Now they are sleeping, but we plan on taking them in our pool this afternoon too!

Raleigh timidly looking at the water

Raleigh & Dad at the fountain...and Raleigh after

Gus going through the water.

And again...

Dad holding Gus up for a break, or at least trying to give him a break

Gus yelling to go back in.

Raleigh taking it all in

After, the boys were cheesing at some girls in the park area

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