Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Not to be Outdone, Video of Augustus Trying to Walk

It has been more difficult to catch Gus walking on film, but we have a short video of him bypassing dad and walking to me holding the camera, of course it all ends with a big jump to my arms. Augustus started trying to walk only hours after Raleigh, and now they want to do it all the time. Nonnie got to see it first hand when Augustus first saw her since learning his newest trick; he walked about 6 steps to her to greet her! They are still only really comfortable walking from an object to a person, but it is fun to see them try to work up the nerve to walk without us being close by. They are getting better at standing on their own as well.

Today we are going to the park, and tomorrow we are meeting up with three other sets of twins at the aquarium. Usually it is only three of us that go, so this should be quite the adventure with nine kids (four sets of twins and an older sister) and four mommies! Fun times indeed;)

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