Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Poppy, You Wild & Crazy Guy!

Happy Birthday to Poppy!!!!!!!!
(birthday time in Australia any way)

March sure is a busy birthday month! This week already was Auntie Peta's, next up Uncle Tom, then us, then cousin Alexander. Whew! Poppy & Peta did the big sky dive this week...rumor has it they are going to do it again!!! Looking good.

Here are a couple videos of the boys flying with Daddy tonight. Mommy is loving daylight savings because it is so nice out & still sunny, so Daddy can take the boys outside on walks or in the pool when he gets home! That leaves her time to make dinner and have a glass of wine or two;) The only draw back is Gus & Rals have not napped well the last two days.

Raleigh flying with daddy. Hear the little giggles on the way up!

Augustus flying with daddy. Same giggles & feeling of dizziness when done!

Raleigh - still teething.

Augustus finds his belly

Spa time again. Water is warm enough to dip in after work.

Augustus' full belly laugh

Raleigh slyly lifting one leg out...

Daddy playing Elmo Live for us, man do we love much so that we cry when it is time to put him away:(

Raleigh & Daddy, just love this shot:)

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  1. that top photo for real? With the earth in the background? HA!!! What was he jumping from, the moon? Go Poppy, you are a WILD MAN!!!! Just the thought of jumping from a plane makes me want to lose my breakfast!!!


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