Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Augustus Pushing Raleigh on his "Choo Choo"

Video - Push me Bro:

Caught this short video of Augustus pushing Raleigh on the choo choo walker yesterday & had to post it! Raleigh of course was trying to get Augustus off his train, so you'll hear me telling him to be good...but it is still adorable.
We have been busy swimming and playing outside before it gets too hot. The boys got an early birthday present from Nonnie & Pickles that we let them start playing with now. It is a little splash pool to put outside the big pool (pictures below). This one is manageable for me to watch them in by myself. We were going to have a play date with lots of twins today in the new pool, but Augustus had a rough night sleeping, so we canceled. There will be plenty of days to play in the pool! Hopefully it was just his teeth bothering him and he is not getting sick or anything. Gus did not nap well yesterday afternoon either, so the little man is over tired now. They finally went down for their nap about 45 minutes later than usual this morning. Whew!
In the too cute not to share file, Raleigh has started shaking his head back & forth. It is his newest thing. I still think he hears music in his head;) He does it when he is in his high chair to feel the back of his chair on his head; he does it when he is sitting on the floor & gets really excited hopping up & down singing. Augustus has started smacking his lips, not making a kissing noise, but just smacking them. It is adorable & he really loves it when you do it back to him! We are working on more word recognition with them & trying to get them to point at the person you ask "where is" so & so to. Sometimes it works, sometimes they have more important things to do. The first time Augustus got it when Nonnie asked "where is mommy" we clapped and praised him & my little shy guy just put his hands up in front of his face all shy. Too cute for words!


  1. I swear, your kids are too cute. And Pickles, is that who I seen today at SuperT? Well he is a hella Grandpa :) Cooking and pushing the kids around. Gotta love it. Remember, if he ever gets bored, I have a few toddlers he can push :)

  2. Tara - thank you. Yours are adorable as well;)

    That was Pickles in all his glory carting around the boys in Target. Shopping & the boys, the only thing better for him would be cooking!


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