Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Moment of Reflection Before the Partying Begins

It is the boys' birthday in Australia. We wanted to post a few videos of the boys meeting their Nanny & Poppy, but after an hour and a half, it just won't cooperate!

Tomorrow is the official big day in the U.S. We finished wrapping the presents tonight...some in Christmas paper because we ran out of birthday paper. All those darn big trucks;0 I can say that I have aged more in the last year than any other year in my life, and I would not change it for a second!

I just started looking at some of their baby pictures to post online in celebration of the boys' first birthday tomorrow. It is slacking of me, the super-photo freak that I am, but it is really hard sometimes to look back without sadness. First, because it was such a scary experience to go through with a critically sick newborn and two premature babies, and second, because those days are gone. These boys are just so darn big & healthy and so different from when they were born! Everyone warns you how fast it will go, but seriously, it was so fast. More to come tomorrow after their family celebration and of course after this weekends party & charity event.

Lots & lots of pictures will be taken;)


  1. Just wanted to stop by and wish Augustus & Raleigh a very Happy Birthday!!!!!

  2. unbelievable- a whole year....don't blink!


The Boys' First Month!