Friday, March 6, 2009

Fast Cars, Good Times

Raleigh & Gus

Holding hands...or pull my finger?

Gus with a serious fro going on, this is what speed does.

This afternoon was so nice out, as was yesterday, so we had the boys outside. Daddy was home to do some yard cleanup (notice all the clippings!!!). Of course, I was dragging them around in their cars, and then daddy took over...with Grandpa Pickles. Here is a video of the boys with arms flailing, and hair flying. Too funny!

Also, the video shows how much better Raleigh is getting at walking. This is only a few days after he took those first brave steps. I know that should mean Gus will be right there tomorrow;)

The aquarium was a blast with all the kids, although, a bit of a reality check for me. The boys are much faster than the last time we were there & I brave enough to let them out for a wonder. This time we even let them hang out in the outdoor play area. Why is it that my boys are the only ones who will pick up any piece of dirt, leaf, twig, etc.? Oh yeah, because they are boys! Speaking of boys being boys, Augustus was totally hitting on the three year old that was with us at the aquarium, Miss A. Raleigh, well, he made the rounds. I think he went up to each and every girl we had with, that is a total of five! Playa!

Good times!

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