Sunday, March 29, 2009

Greatest Birthday Party!

Yesterday was a great day for the boys.

They were able to celebrate their first birthday with many friends and some family. We missed Nanny & Poppy & all the other family/friends that could not make it for this birthday, but we look forward to celebrating for many years with you in the future. I think everyone had a blast. My cupcakes were even that has to say something;)

The best part was starting to teach the boys about giving to others, and seeing how many people were there to help us give back. We asked people to bring travel sized toiletries to the birthday party in lieu of gifts for the boys and man, did people ever donate generously! I know we have another package arriving from Illinois this week thanks to Auntie Kristy & her moms' group. I did not expect a guest of the party to bring with her her family's donation shipped in a huge, heavy box from New Hampshire. Another guest brought donations from her work, people we don't even know. Amazing! The RMH is such a great concept so it is easy to see why people are willing to help. We also had donations from family in Wisconsin too! Our house is currently overrun with little bottles of shampoo, soap, disposable razors, and everything else you could ever imagine needing if you were suddenly staying at the Ronald McDonald House. Matthew sure was thankful for someone else's donation while he stayed at the RMH while Raleigh was in the cardio-vascular intensive care unit and Gus & I were in another hospital 45 minutes away. We'll post the donations being given to RMH as soon as we do so. It will probably be in a few weeks so we can wait for all donations to be in & packed up with notes from the boys. We will also have a check to donate of $217 as well!!!

Picture of the RMH donation table before the party. The sand buckets holding some toiletries were from great grandma Miriam in Wisconsin - too cute!

Augustus' smash cake - mom's first attempt at making a decorated cake...

Raleigh's smash cake

Raleigh enjoying some cake!

But then, Raleigh ate so much he was to the point of choking!
Augustus literally smashing the cake;)

The other highlights of the afternoon of course were seeing my little eaters go to town on their smash cakes. They had homemade whales to smash up and they enjoyed every second of it. Augustus had his smashed up literally, and Raleigh, well he had a blast. At one point he picked the entire cake up and put it to his mouth. I guess he liked it:) Then, as party favors I had picked up the boys favorite balls for everyone. Well, we decided after cake it was a good idea to run off a little of the sugar. Boy of boy, seeing about 20 kids all about 3 and under run after these balls was enough to make anyone smile. My heart was truly warmed by the sight and it really reminded us of how blessed we are for everyone in our lives and the love these boys are surrounded by!

I have to thank Tara for reminding me to take a video of the smash cakes!!! I almost forgot. We had Kerri at the party to take pictures of the event so I could actually enjoy the moment instead of just preserving it for the future. Literally, I only took about 10 pictures total of the day. Whew, that was a save Tara. It was also a save to have Kerri there, it made it much less stressful for all of us having you there! Now, we are just patiently waiting to get the edited photos from Kerri. She is super busy now with lots of bookings for photo shoots. We are so proud of her! Once we have the pictures we will share them with everyone!

Video of the smashing of the cakes - Press PLAY

Raleigh literally picking the whole cake up!!!

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  1. What a fantastic party! And the eating of the cake was PRICELESS!!!


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