Saturday, March 21, 2009

Touch A Truck Today & The Snake!

Raleigh finds Daddy, and Raleigh & Augustus looking up at Daddy, awwww.

Today we went to an event where kids could "touch a truck." It was very cute, and although the boys are a little young to understand what they were doing, we had fun. We really only put them on the fire truck to touch. The event had really cool things for kids to explore from the community, like a trolley, ambulance, stretch limo, tow trucks, and some sort of construction equipment. We ate a picnic and let them explore the fire truck and then set them loose in the park. What an awesome park too, although this would be a park to bring two adults for sure. Too many places to run to for the boys as they get older. Even on the tiny play set they were exploring it was too much for one person to keep them reigned in on.

If you read the last post, I mentioned Raleigh's affinity for shaking his head. Well, he has added clapping to the mix, and here is a video to prove it. Nonnie was here this afternoon to give me an extra set of hands while daddy rested. He is under the weather, but so far, knock wood, the rest of the family is well. You can hear Nonnie helped egg Raleigh on with his newest antics. Speaking of eggs, we had the boys try some scrambled eggs tonight for the first time. We figured it was close enough to their first birthday (next Wednesday if you can believe it). They liked it, but I think next time we'll add some cheese or something else for a bit more flavor.
Video of - Baby Ray

We also received a package in the mail this week from Poppy & Nanny. It is our newest "pet." His name is Boa, and he is a hissing snake. I can only imagine what customs thought of this package!!! Here are a few shots of the boys enjoying cuddling Boa. Raleigh on the left, Augustus on the right. Thanks Poppy! Hours of entertainment for the whole family;)

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  1. So cute! Looks like you had a good time at the touch a truck!


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