Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wow, We are One!

Augustus & Raleigh, even trying to hold hands...a good sign;)

Today was the big day! It started out with us all running and pretty much was non-stop all day. We had fun Skyping with Nanny & Poppy & Auntie Peta this morning. The boys opened their presents & had fun playing while talking to everyone. Then I had a hair appointment so the boys had some Daddy time. Then when I got back we went for a nice long walk in this amazing weather. We got to talk to Auntie Kristy & Annie too! After a much abbreviated nap, we hopped in the car to get our one year pictures & go to Build-A-Bear Workshop. We had fun at both, but Raleigh was definitely apprehensive at first. Once he was able to run around a bit he loosened up. Augustus was having a good day, but our little shy guy did have a few pictures taken with his little hands covering his mouth up...his bashful look! Then we headed to Maggiano's for dinner with Nonnie & Grandpa Pickles and, even better, family from Wisconsin is here, so we were joined by Great Auntie Mary & Great Uncle Jerry (aka GU Chinny the II). The food was great! The boys had even more fun opening more presents at dinner & trying to take Nonnie's plate away! Raleigh is particularly fond of his sun glasses. Both of them loved their new bears too...we just love that one of them is called "bashful" - you guessed it, Augustus gets that one! The best part had to be when Augustus got to dive into a little cake. He was full on & enjoyed every second of it!!! Now, the boys are sleeping & we are exhausted.

Guess who

Video of Augustus & his cake...

We know family away from us is wanting to be here, so we posted a new slide show of the day, and a few extra pictures. We missed you all too! XOXO from Gus & Ra Ra.

Gus & Rals


  1. OMG...too cute!!!! Happy Birthday Gus and Raleigh, we cannot wait to celebrate with you :)

  2. Very cute! Looks like they had a great time turning one! What a BIG day!! I remember this like it was yesterday!! Hold on to every second:) It goes by SO fast!! B&B will be 4 in 2 months and I can't believe it.


The Boys' First Month!