Sunday, January 11, 2009

Just some cute photos and a video of Gus really crawling

Augustus being silly as usual:)

Raleigh - sheer joy & pride in his eyes showing me he can stand on his own
Gus looking like he is showing Raleigh what to do:)

The cutest brothers ever!! Augustus & Raleigh

So, for months now Gus & Raleigh have rolled, stretched and army-crawled their way everywhere. While in Australia, they even became speed army-crawlers. Now, Augustus is up on all fours trying out the real crawl. I actually caught a short video of him crawling too - hard to do since he does not do this crawl exclusively as he is still faster on his belly crawling. Plus, yesterday they had their Cotton On Kids outfits on and they were just too cute, so I had to post these pictures too:) They are pulling up on everything all day, every day now too:) So here are a few shots of them standing. Hopefully, I will be able to get a short video of them pulling themselves up to stand, but it is hard to do when I am trying to watch for them tumbling over at the same time!!


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