Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Boys are 7 Months Old Today!

Boys as bears.

Raleigh doing the worm.

Raleigh on the swing.

Augustus on the swing.
Gus, our new puppy:)

Gus sleeping on Grandpa Pickles.

Gus with his newest funny face.

Wow - we cannot believe it has been seven months. How time flies when you are having fun & are sleep deprived:)

The weather is still amazing, so the boys went for two walks today and spent time playing all day. They even went shopping today to get yummy fruit & veggies to make baby food with. The pear applesauce is so good we all enjoy eating it! An added bonus was they took three short naps. We'll take any sleep time to sleep too! Tomorrow it is off to Guppyween so we hope they get enough rest before we head out. We don't usually do things right before bedtime since they normally get restless, so we'll see how it goes.

Each day we think the boys are getting closer to being fully mobile. Gus is doing a great job rolling wherever he wants to get to, and still goes backwards when he wants to go forward when he attempts crawling. Raleigh is working on moving his legs, and hopefully in a week he will get his arms going and then in another week put it all together. He too can move where he wants to by inch worming along.

The newest funny things they are doing include Gus sucking his lips in as part of his exploring his new teeth (picture), and holding bibs/blankies/etc. in his mouth and just keeping it there like a puppy. Both boys love to hold their own hands interlocked & raise them up over their heads & then throw them down really fast. Not sure what they are doing, but they have found their hands & are controlling them better & finding new things to do with them all the time.

So much fun!!!

Sorry the film clip is so dark but still worth the audio of the boys laughing at each other!

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The Boys' First Month!