Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Raleigh's heart update

Raleigh playing outside with his pumpkin bib to catch all the teething drool. Augustus checking out the view outside his window. We are loving their little argyle sweaters from Becca!

For those of you who check out the Care Pages site ( this is a repeat, but some are not on that site, so here is a recap of the cardiologist appointment yesterday. Raleigh went for his three month checkup and we got great news, he does not have to go back for six months. Raleigh’s ECHO showed stenosis was in the mild range instead of moderate this time. The last visit his measurements were at a peak level of 38 and the mean was 18, and this visit the peak was 20 and a mean of 10. Not that we know exactly what this means…but it was much better according to Dr. McKenna! Raleigh still has a small hole in his heart (normal for newborns) that is closing at the correct rate too. We still have to monitor the valve as a side effect of the original procedure to balloon open the valve. Raleigh also has backflow in his heart that goes out of the chamber through the repaired valve and a small amount of the flow seeps back into the original chamber. The cardiologist is comfortable with the amount of seepage, so his next follow up is for six months this time.

Unfortunately, that same afternoon the boys had to get their Synergis shots to help prevent RSV infection. They were very grouchy & it was a long night of restless sleep for the boys & mommy. The boys weighed in at 20lb 8oz (GUS) and 18lb 8oz (Raleigh). That is a lot of weight to carry around at once!!!

Pictures of the boys enjoying their sweaters now that fall has officially arrived in Florida, at least for this week. It is great that it is cooler for Halloween, it feels more like Halloween that way=)


Augustus & Raleigh

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