Friday, October 10, 2008

The boys start blogging!

The boys just turned six months a few weeks ago, so we decided it was time for them to start their own blog.

Yesterday was a big milestone for the boys, their first teeth started to appear. This is after two months of misery & lots of drool. They were fine yesterday, but today the teeth are a bit sharper and they seem to be more annoyed by them today. At least they are napping this afternoon:) Although many twins do not teeth at the same time, the boys were in competition and neither wanted to lose the title of "first tooth." The funny thing is that Augustus' tooth appeared on his lower left side, and Raleigh's popped up on his lower right side. They are turning out to be more like mirror image twins. From behind one has a whirl on the left side, and one on the right side. We'll see if one ends up left-handed, and the other right-handed.

Look for more updates as we start the blog out!

Gus, Raleigh,
Brooke & Matthew

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The Boys' First Month!