Sunday, October 12, 2008

Boys getting in the Halloween Spirit

Yesterday afternoon the boys spent an hour in the front yard getting ready for Halloween. We were taking pictures, and as usual, the boys started a crowd;) Before we knew it, we had many neighbors over with their kids as well. The boys had a ball. They truly enjoyed laying in the yard looking at the trees and the sky above. We had them in their skeleton sweatsuits and a pumpkin to get some pictures before Halloween. This is a very big holiday in the U.S. and we know it is not that popular in Australia, so we are trying to get the boys to experience it fully before we move to Oz. We'll see how they like the costumes when the real deal arrives at the end of the month. We plan on taking the boys to Guppyween at the Florida Aquarium this year with another mom-of-multiples (MoM). Then on Halloween we have a party at another MoM's house. There will be hundreds of multiples running around in costumes, sure to be funny!!

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