Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Boys first big boy bath!

The boys when it was about 60 degrees out...yes, we know, but it is Florida:)

Raleigh, is he the next Vanilla Ice??
The boys after a long walk hanging in our backyard, loving life!!

Tonight the boys took their first big boy bath in our guest bath, which we should now call the boys' bathroom. They enjoyed it quite a bit, especially Augustus, our little "swimmer." The video shows what he normally does in the little tub, but now we have much less to clean up!

We are all thoroughly enjoying the slightly cooler weather. The boys are getting a lot of outdoor time & taken for many walks. Friday the boys are going to a Halloween party hosted by one of the MoM's in Brooke's group. We are very excited for that! Sunday we are meeting a few families at the Florida Aquarium for "Guppyween" so the boys can dress up and check out the aquarium while trick-or-treating. Next week the boys have doctors appointments, one for their Synergis shots, and Raleigh has his three month check up with his cardiologist. All seems to be well, so we are hoping to continue to get good news.

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