Sunday, October 26, 2008

Guppyween - First trip to the Aquarium

The boys had a nice afternoon visiting the aquarium for Guppyween. They were dressed up as lions and were surrounded by hundreds of other little ones trick-or-treating. We met up with two other couples and their kids and had a really nice time. Unfortunately, it was cooler outside than it was the lion outfits only lasted about 10 minutes. Next year they will probably have more fun, but it was still good to get them out in a crowd and see how they did. They did awesome. They were fussy in the ride home because it was so close to bedtime, but they were great during their first trip to the aquarium. We look forward to many more!


  1. OMG they are so cute! and so big. Weren't you just pregnant yesterday? how has it been 7 months? -K

  2. Yeah - they have been here almost as long as I was preggers with them. It is amazing how fast it goes, enjoy it with Annie!!


The Boys' First Month!